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    Tulsi (Holy Basil) Is A Reincarnation Of God As An Herb For Saving Mankind From Sufferings And Miseries. Holy Basil May Be Beneficial In Respiratory Tract Infections Because It Is Considered To Have Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Viral, Anti-Microbial, And Anti-Allergic Properties. As It Is Said To Have Anti-Oxidant Properties, It May Be Used As A Wonderful Tonic For Humans. Tulsi Is Traditionally Also Known As Bhutagni, Which Points Towards Its Antimicrobial Property. This Plant Is Present In The Outdoor Of Almost Every Indian House, Considered As Sacred Plant Which Promotes Health & Longevity.


Its adaptogen and anti-stress properties may help tgive relief from stress and alsmay help purify blood., The multi properties of ayurvedic tulsi capsules may help timprove body’s immunity., Tulsi immune booster is alsrecommended for skin health & in the treatment of acne., Tulsi leaves capsules may support the healthy respiratory conditions., Tulsi supplement may help tpromote health and longitivity.



2 capsules twice a day with water 30 minutes after the meal or as directed by the physician

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50 capsules