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  • Triphala Is A Time-Tested Formulation That Cleanses & Supports The Entire Gi Tract, Improving Digestion, Elimination & Assimilation Of Nutrients. Triphala Helps To Remove Fat Deposits And Toxins From The Intestines And Helps To Regulate Metabolism. It Is Rich In Vitamin C & Antioxidants And Improves Vision.


It improves digestion system, provides nutritional assimilation and helps tregulate metabolism., Organic india, triphala reduces fat deposit in the intestines & eliminates intestinal toxins & gas., This health supplement is alsadvised for rejuvenation, improves vision, good for people of all ages., This herbal colon cleanser is very effective., Triphala is a time-tested formulation used for the treatment of constipation., Triphala is rich source of natural vitamin c.



2 capsules twice a day with water 30 minutes after the meal or as directed by the physician

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50 capsules