Satavari Capsule


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  • Shatavari Is The Main Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Herb For Women. Shatavari Has Been Safely Used In Ayurveda For Fertility And Vitality & May Simultaneously Improve Lactation During Pre & Post-Delivery. It Helps Nourish And Cleanses Both The Blood And The Female Reproductive Organs. Shatavari Is Also Considered To Be A Source Of Plant Driven Estrogen, Making Shatavari A Healthy Choice For Nursing, Menopausal & Postmenopausal Women. It Is Known As A Female Health Tonic. It Is Helpful In All Stages Of Womanhood. It Supports Normal Functioning Of The Female Reproductive System. It Is A Rich Source Of Protein. It Is One Of The Most Potent & Safe Lactation Promoting Agents.


Additionally, the shatavari for women may help tmaintain healthy women health in a natural way., Shatavari for lactation may maintain the optimum functioning of the female reproductive system., The galactagogue properties of shatavari for fertility may help promote lactation., The properties of ayurvedic shatavari capsule are effectively used timprove female hormonal imbalance.


Satavari Capsule


2 capsules twice a day with water 30 minutes after the meal or as directed by the physician

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50 capsules