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    Product DescriptionManjistha (Rubia Cordifolia) Is One Of Ayurveda’s Most Popular Blood-Purifying Herbs And Is Used For Lymphatic And Liver Support. The Incredibly Important Role Of The Lymphatic System Is Often Overlooked In Western Medicine. Your Lymph System Drains The Wastes From Your Body And Controls And Regulates Your Immune System. It Is Pumped Through Muscular Contractions, So If One Is Sedentary, The Lymphatic System Will Eventually Become Sedentary And Will Create Toxicity In Lymph Tissues All Over The Body, Such As The Breasts, Skin, Joints, And Muscles. Manjistha Is An Herb That Supports The Natural Function Of The Lymphatic System Allowing Nutrition To Feed The Cells And Wastes To Be Removed From The Body In An Optimal Fashion. Manjistha Calms Aggravated Pitta And Breaks Up Congested Kapha. Many Pitta-Aggravated Imbalances In The Body, Especially Those Of The Blood, May Be Supported By Manjistha’s Affinity For Balancing Pitta.


Manjistha calms aggravated pitta and breaks up congested kapha., Manjistha is an herb that supports the natural function of the lymphatic system allowing nutrition tfeed the cells and wastes tbe removed from the body in an optimal fashion., Many pitta-aggravated imbalances in the body, especially those of the blood, may be supported by manjistha’s affinity for balancing pitta.



2 capsules twice a day with water 30 minutes after the meal or as directed by the physician

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50 capsules