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    Karela Is A Traditional Fruit Considered To Help To Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels, Lipid levels, And Triglyceride levels. Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine Helps In Cleansing Toxins From The Body And May Act As A Purgative, Appetizer & Helps Regulate Carbohydrate Metabolism. Ayurveda describes Karela To Be A Bitter Tonic To Be Useful In The Management Of Blood Sugar. It Has Also Been Backed By Modern Scientific Research. Karela Helps To Improve The Cellular Functions Of The Pancreas. Additionally, Karela Is Also Beneficial In Controlling Blood Lipid Levels.


Alsmay help improve cellular functions of the pancreas., Anti-diabetic properties of karela capsule may help maintain normal urine sugar levels, Because karela is a bitter tonic, may help tpurify the blood., Bitter gourd capsule has anti-hepatotoxic properties may help in liver detoxification., bitter melon capsule may help tregulate carbohydrate metabolism., Karela extract capsules may help in controlling blood lipid levels.



1 to 2 capsule 3 times a day after meals with milk or as directed by physician

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50 capsules