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    Ayursun carcin tablet is a herbal tablet from Ayursun pharma company which effectively well-tolerated and effective drugs for prolonged use without adverse effect on bone marrow, no depression is noticed and neither WBC count nor RBC count nor platelet count has affected adversely in any way, no side effects on gi-tract, no immunosuppression, no renal toxicities even no skin and nail discolouration, no complication such as – cardiac myopathy – pulmonary fibrosis hepatic fibrosis. It can supplement other anticancer remedies with synergetic effect carcin attacks only the cancer cells without doing any harm to the other body tissues.


Acute and chronic leukemia., An ayurvedic treatment for cancer & malignancy., CA. Cervix and prostate., Carcinoma of head and neck.


Gojivha.. 60 mg., guduchi ext.... 40 mg., Kanchar chhal... 20 mg., Kumari ext.... 50 mg., Makardwaj... 2.5 mg., Mandur bhasma... 5 mg., Praval pisti... 2.5 mg., Rakta rohitak... 10 mg., Suddha bhallatak...20 mg., Suddha gugul... 30 mg., Tulsi... 40 mg., Varun... 10 mg.


1 To 2 Teblets Three Times A Day And As Directed By The Physician.

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Available at all chemists in PACKS of 60, 5x30 & 1000 Tabs.